Core Endurance

For core endurance, abdominal hollowing is weird.  Hollow body shape is awesome.  End of lesson.

A few of you may remember abdominal hollowing.  Most of you have seen it when some childhood friend has the strange ability to suck their stomach back into their spine and up into their rib cage.  Besides being creepy, it was initially thought to be a good exercise for core strength and endurance.  Turns out… not so much.

When you “suck it in”, you actually disintegrate the pelvis and the rib cage.  If you haven’t been following recently, that is a very bad thing.  When the pelvis and rib cage lose integration, all of the bones, ligaments, and muscles are in a very weak and vulnerable position.  So, it’s important to keep strength and integrity throughout the core for long periods – core endurance.  If only there was a way…

This exercise helps patients increase core endurance as well as baseline awareness of core integration.  Progressing this exercise ensures that your core maintains perfect integration regardless of high or low intensity actions throughout the day.  In other words, you are strong and stable all day, every day.

Good Luck and #keepmoving



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