Glute Bridge

Hip Extension Saves Spines!  The Glute Bridge is your Key!

You may think this statement a bit hyperbolic.  Let me assure you.  The glute bridge is very important.

Listen, the more we use our hip, the more we protect our spine.  Low back pain destroys lives by leaving sufferers in a disabled state.  So, the solution is to ensure we have full control of the hips to leave our spine out of the “force production” equation.

The glute bridge is an exercise that can connect core stability with common movements that we use throughout the day.  Achieving glute control keeps the spine stable and safe as we go through full hip extension.  It is critical to long term health of the spine.

Don’t speed through this one.  It’s not if, but how you do the exercise that matters.  Ensure that you keep the spine stable through the entire movement.  Doing so helps you dominate the glute bridge, while ensuring a healthy spine.

Good Luck and #keepmoving,


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