How many DAYS have you lost to PAIN?

How many YEARS will you lose feeling older than you should?

Experience quick results with the dynamic combination of chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, and rehab exercises

Learn about your vulnerabilities with posture and movement assessments. Then eliminate them and the problems they cause in your life

Our unique approach helps you seamlessly connect your rehab exercises into your daily life. By the end, you will subconsciously rehab with every move you make

It’s time to FEEL BETTER

Pain is a debilitating force, stealing the very ability to live and perform. Defeat pain with our proven system.

Knowledge is Power. See, Learn, and Understand the driving forces behind your pain and limitations.

We can help you recognize your vulnerabilities, destroying them when they try to return.

We are designed to move and achieve for more than a century. What we create today dictates the capabilities of tomorrow.

I cannot recommend HPC strongly/highly enough. I have visited several Chiropractic Doctors and several Medical Doctors in my 30 years of dealing with low back pain. HPC is the only place that has figured out how to give me the awareness and tools to minimize my issues.”

Matt Haug 7/15/2021

“Awesome staff! Great help & results! Dr. Jared is extremely knowledgeable, reasonable and his desire for his patients to be healthy and healed is shown through his care!”

Debbie Ouellette 5/25/2021

“Dr. McIntosh sat down with me and listened to me explain the problem I was having. He then explained a course of treatment and got to work on me. It’s the next day and much improved already. I have my next appointment scheduled.”

Kenneth Beck 6/10/2021

A Common-Sense Approach to Relieving Pain and Restoring Life

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