#NeverMiss – Chair Squat

We sit and stand all day, everyday, and often with poor form, perception, and awareness.


Fine-tuning the sit to stand mechanic not only helps us workout, but it shields us from chronic and repetitive tissue damage that lead to pain syndromes and significant injury.


CrossFit Open 20.5 – Concept, Strategy, Recap

Oh Buddy!  We made it to the end and live to see another day.  Well, that is if you do this workout.

What an interesting workout it is?  So much opportunity to evaluate yourself as an athlete and put yourself in the best situation possible… or freak out that you don’t know what to do!!!
This video will cover the true importance of this workout.  It will stand as the first workout to test “perception” and “accuracy” regarding capability!  I know that is a mouthful, but it is critical to grasp these concepts to avoid injury, achieve longevity, and tap into one’s true potential.
It is longer, but I truly hope that it will change the way you think and the way you train for long term benefit.
Good Luck, Congratulations, and #keepmoving


Unleash the Hip – Combo Stretch

Time is an ever precious commodity – This holds true in taking care of the body

Progressing to achieving the Combo Stretch to help you attack all the tissue of the lower body in one stretch


Unleash the Hip – Psoas Stretch

A short Psoas muscles can devastate the low back with compression, degeneration, and pain.

Progressing to the Psoas Stretch can reduce the compression, degeneration, and pain while restoring the ability to standing, walk, and run pain-free