Roller Power 3.0

Tight and Weak Glutes can’t Support the Knee, Hip, Pelvis, or Spine.

The Posterior Hip Mash will Reduce Tension and Increase Blood Flow to Restore Supportive Glute Function.

Overuse activities (an intense workout) frequently lead to adaptive shortening/tightening of muscles, while disuse (sitting in a flexed position all day) can lead to adhesions or knots that restrict the ability of muscles to lengthen and allow movement at a joint.
An imbalance of forces around a particular joint can change both joint structure and function which can restrict normal movement patterns and be a cause of injury.

One of the biggest misconceptions of rolling the hip is ignoring the posterior portion, or working on the glutes, too. Working to stretch the front and back of the hip will help provide this joint with an even stretch, which will support proper hip function, stabilize the low back and help you take control of your posture.

Unleash the power of the foam roller with another self-myofascial release exercise
The Posterior Hip Mash
that can help rejuvenate those muscles to enable the hips, pelvis and spine to function more optimally.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

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