Roller Power 2.0

A tight Psoas (Hip Flexor) will create Low Back and Hip Pain.

The Psoas mash will Reduce Pain and Tension in both the Low Back and Hip.

Humans naturally follow the path of least resistance—regardless of how hard we try—we inevitably fall into slouched positions. The idea is to have several strategies to fight against that

The iliopsoas (“psoas” or “hip flexor”) is actively involved in maintaining the body in an upright position in both sitting and standing postures.

It is the muscle that bends the hip, by lifting up the knee and the thigh to take a step forward. Its main action is to flex the hip. However, prolonged sitting or contracting the muscle for long periods of time often leads to the shortening of this muscle and can cause pain in the lower back or hip.

Unleash the power of the foam roller with the Psoas Mash: self-myofascial release to work deep into muscle tissues that have been chronically tightened to help restore and maintain proper function.

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