Heel Pain Game Changer

Don’t let heel pain stop you

If you are ever in a room with more than ten people, at least one of you is suffering from heel pain (aka plantar fasciitis). It is the most common cause of foot pain in middle-aged adults and pushes 2 million people to the doctors office each year for treatment.

And while heel pain is common in the running community, it is also prevalent in other areas of life. Health Care and Social Assistance workers are at great risk because of spending so much time on their feet. Yet, workers in Finance and Insurance are also at work even though they spend a lot of time sitting.

So, whether you stand, sit, or run, you can get heel pain. Meaning, it can come for all of us!

There are solutions

HPC has successfully managed hundreds of patients with plantar fasciitis. And yes, these patients come in all different shapes, sizes, and exercise preferences. They key is in the evaluation and progressive treatment.

You see, plantar fasciitis generally comes from one of three scenarios:

  • Too much tension/not enough flexibility
  • Too much instability/not enough control or balance
  • A combination of both

If it seems complicated, it’s because it can be. That is why so many people struggle with repetitive bouts of heel pain. It also accounts for why so many people struggle to find lasting results from simple measures (injections or meds).

The best solution (one that we have developed and utilized for our patients) involves three steps:

  • Step 1 – Control Inflammation
  • Step 2 – Restore Range of Motion and Stability
  • Step 3 – Build Strength

When we achieve these steps in sequence not only does the pain subside, but the patient has great understanding of how to sustain the results. That is a hallmark of all treatment at HPC for any and all diagnoses that we treat.

Make heel pain a thing of the past

It’s time to put plantar fasciitis behind you. If you or someone you know if suffering from plantar fasciitis, send them our way so we can help them reduce inflammation and pain, restore range of motion and stability, and build strength for lasting results.

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