Posture Check that is Easy

Treatment Needs to be Easy. This Posture Check is Just That

Many of our patients are dissatisfied with previous chiropractic care or their experience with physical therapy. There are many reasons for this but one is that most chiros don’t do anything beyond the adjustment and many PT’s do too much and it takes too long. Regardless, the patient leaves without any posture check from the chiro and way too much from the PT.

What we now know is that patients love to be engaged in the treatment process. Even more, they love when it makes perfect sense and is easy. So, we always want to deliver on both levels.

What is a Posture?

Until we realize it, most of us go through life without any awareness of our posture in the moment. Sure, we all recognize that ours isn’t great. But, we fail to realize that there really isn’t any “bad” posture.


Nope. There is no bad posture because it isn’t one thing. If it was we would be forced to walk around like a tooth pick all day long. There would be no sitting or bending or twisting. That would make life difficult, if not impossible.

So no, posture isn’t one thing but all the things we may ask our body to do throughout life. In other words, it lives on a spectrum. And we want to live right in the middle of that spectrum so that we can reach to each end and then return to the middle.

The problem with people and posture is that we get stuck on one side of the spectrum. We sit at desks and look at technology all day. Doing so sticks us in the “slouched” side of the spectrum.

If we do that for months and years, it becomes very difficult to get to the other side. And when we can’t go through all the postures, our bodies start to revolt. And the only way they can do this is through aches and pains or numbness and tingling.

No fun!!!

Time for a Posture Check

Much of our early rehab is all about becoming aware of body positions and mechanics. A big part of that is the ability for our patients to be aware of their posture and quickly correct into a more ideal state. A state that is in the middle of the spectrum. They “check” themselves and correct what isn’t right.

We do this for standing scenarios, sitting scenarios, sleeping scenarios, and just about any shape our body will hold as a POSE. Because a POSE is just a static posture.

When our patients can do this regularly, they start spending more time in ideal postures across the spectrum. And since the body loves full exposure to movement and postures, our patient enjoy great results that last.

How’s Your Posture?

Dissatisfied with your treatment? Ready to get on top of your issues? Excited to make pain and thing of the past? Are you ready for a little clarity and confidence?

It’s time take control of your life and we can help. At Health & Performance Center, we do posture and motion analysis and provide you with a life-long profile to track your results.

Don’t wait for the posture spectrum to stick it to you. Live the life you deserve.

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