Shoulder pain Progression

HPCheck-Up Show – Episode 6

What Was Justin’s Next Step?

Shoulders are the most mobile and dynamic joint in the human body. We use them for a myriad of activities and they are amazing structures.
Summer months bring on new adventures and situations you weren’t expecting. Something as simple as starting a generator when the power goes out can cause aches and pains in the shoulder if it isn’t ready.
That’s why July is shoulder month here at Health & Performance Center.

Modifying For Your Individual Needs

Back for visit 2! Excited to have you here to learn about Justin’s shoulder progress.
On the second visit Dr. Ian continued asking some questions to see how the first visit felt afterwards. They both agreed that his shoulder was still pretty inflamed from the injury so the best route was to take it slow.
Dr. Ian felt that a “Push-Up Plus” exercise was the best for it at this point. However a traditional version would likely be too intense.
What happens when an exercise that would work best is too painful for the patient? We scale it to a more tolerable level.
In this case instead of having him do it from the floor they used a simple modification and moved to the wall to take a large portion of Justin’s body weight off the shoulder. This focused more on getting the right muscles to work in the right order and moving through the range of motion.

The other awesome part about this exercise is that Dr. Ian was able to give Justin instructions on how to modify as his pain started to reduce in order to get more out of the exercise.
To start, Justin had his feet close to the wall in order to minimize load on the shoulder. Once that starts to feel pretty good Dr. Ian instructed him to incrementally step his feet back away from the wall. This loads up the shoulder a little bit more each time he moves them back. This allows him to increase the difficulty as his shoulder pain calms down a bit in order to progress himself along the rehab track faster.
This is a typical situation we see a lot here at HPC so if you or someone like you wants to get on top of nagging injury or just wants to move better we have something to meet your needs exactly.

Corey’s Insights On His HPC Journey

Videographer by Trade, Squat Monster in the Gym

Corey, from our June focus on knee pain, was gracious enough to sit down with Dr. Ian and talk about his journey at HPC.
Corey owns Piper Media Group which is a company that specializes in video marketing strategies for corporations and small businesses. They specialize in getting the message across that you want portrayed as to what your business is. Give him a call if you’re looking to take your business to the next level!
Corey has been a phenomenal addition to our patient base here at HPC and we look forward to continuing to provide him with high quality care.

Newsletter Exclusive –

July Promotion!

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