New Month, New Focus – Shoulders!

HPCheck-up Show – Episode 5

Shoulders are the most mobile and dynamic joint in the human body. They can do amazing things like throwing a 100mph fastball, hitting a tennis ball into a 1ft square and moving a gymnast around a set of rings. But, there is some risk that comes with so much variability.

Shoulders are at the highest risk of injury due to the structure of the joint and movement patterns we put ourselves into unknowingly. With the warm days of summer coming up we are more active and shoulder injuries can pop up seemingly out of nowhere.

How Justin Jumped Ahead Of His Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is complex and easy to injure.  Restoring mechanics and stability is key to recovery from shoulder pain

Just like many of you, our friend Justin came to us with some shoulder pain after an injury. So what did we do? You’re right! Kristina took him through our video motion assessment and Dr. Ian incorporated that information into how he was going to proceed with his examination.

After a few test and a conversation with Justin Dr. Ian felt confident that they were dealing with a labral tear. How did he know? At HPC we highly value the input a patient can give us and use it in our assessment. Through that conversation and the exam it told us all we needed to know.

Some of you might ask – what about an MRI? That’s a great question. With the advancements in medicine we have tests and patterns to recognize that tell us all we need to know with a high degree of certainty what is going on.

An MRI in this instance wouldn’t tell us anything more than we already know from talking to Justin and doing a focused exam. With that knowledge in hand Dr. Ian treated him with traditional chiropractic and then gave him some homework.

Justin was taught how to do a posterior and lateral shoulder mash to relieve the tension in the musculature and was also instructed to avoid some of the movements that made it worse. This is typical of a first visit at HPC and how we get you on the path to crushing your goals.

Fourth of July Hours

We’re Still Here For You

Fourth of July is coming up next week and we wanted you to be aware of our hours that week! We will be closed Monday July 3 and Tuesday July 4. We will begin seeing patients at 9Am on Wednesday July 5th. Dr. Jared will be in his normal hours the rest of the week, Dr. Ian will be in Wednesday and Friday and Will is only available Wednesday the 5th.

Newsletter Exclusive

July Promotion!

For the month of July anyone who you refer to us will get their first consultation for FREE (a $109 value). So, if you or anyone you know sounds like Justin give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ian or Dr. Will to see how we can help you!

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