HPCheck-up Show – Episode 3

Core Connection via the Kinetic Chain

Did you know? Core stability is a vital component of strength and mobility. It gives our arms and legs a stable platform to work off of and also protects our spine. As the days get warmer and longer you become more active and aches and pains can rear their ugly head. This is why June is knee pain month here at HPC!

Treating the Root Cause

Just like Corey we are back for another episode of knee pain month. Last week we talked about how nuanced changes to a common stretch can elicit a lot more benefit. Dr. Ian took the information from the second visit and Corey’s feedback and decided to work on a dead-bug exercise for him in order to improve core stability and hip control.

One common misconception is that the site of pain is the cause of pain. Many times the site of pain is just a signal letting us know there is a problem in the system. This is where our functional assessment comes in and helps us find the root cause of the problem. Many times, a middle joint (knees and elbows) in what is called the kinetic chain take the abuse for less-than-ideal function at another part of the body.

So, by working on core stability and hip control Corey is helping his back, hip and knee all in one exercise!

Dr. Ian Is Back To The Office

Dr. Ian and his wife welcomed their first child a few weeks back. Be sure to congratulate him on his new role next time you see him! He is back but on a partial schedule, seeing patients on Mondays and Wednesdays for the remainder of the month. If you absolutely need to be seen while Dr. Ian is out of the office you can call the front desk and schedule with Will, our new Chiropractic Resident, who you may have seen around the office lately. 

Newsletter Exclusive – June Promotion!

For the month of June anyone who you refer to us will get their first consultation for FREE (a $109 value). So, if you or anyone you know sounds like Corey give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ian or Dr. Will to see how we can help you!

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