Knee Pain – A Real Solution

Research is clear in showing that Adjustments are critical to improvements

Hello Friends,

Recent research has shown that adjustments to the mid-spine are more effective at treating knee pain than focused exercises at the knee joint itself.

While this may seem strange, when you understand what is happening when we restore balance and symmetry to the rib cage and pelvis it makes perfect sense. Long story short, when the mid-spine (rib cage) is reset to balance with the pelvis, we have a strong and stable core. When we have a strong and stable core, we can use the Hip more efficiently and reduce over-use, stress, strain, and shear to the knee.

Ok, that wasn’t so short, but you still get the idea that a balanced and symmetrical system leads to a knee that doesn’t get over-used. Things that don’t get over-used stay happy!

At HPC we do both Chiropractic Adjustments and Rehab Exercise. It’s probably why our patients are so happy. We treat the pain “AND” the cause. Enjoy the video for further explanation and a go-to exercise to help with knee pain!

Good Luck and #keepmoving

HPC Doctors and Staff

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