HPC Checkup Show – Episode 5

 COVID Spike, St. Louis County, & What We Should Be Talking About

Welcome Back Patient Family,

*** Trigger Alert – This Post is all about COVID ***

November has been quite a month. We have seen a close election that has yet to be decided and a major spike in COVID-19. Restrictions and regulations are coming very soon as is the cold and flu season and major gathering holidays. So… it’s gettin’ kinda hectic!

This, the 5th edition of the HPC Checkup Show, discusses the following topics:

  • Civil political discourse in the Office and at Home
  • St. Louis County announcements and Dr. Garza’s statements
  • Masks and other factors that help control COVID spread
  • Statistics that are referenced vs. What we should be talking about
  • ICU bed utilization across the state
  • Who is driving the spike and why the spike has occured

I truly hope you get something from this show. It does cover a lot of politics, but I see a responsibility to bring back civil discourse and acceptance of differing view points with high levels of respect.

Let’s get through the end of this terrible year in a manner that we can accelerate back to normalcy in 2021.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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