HPC Checkup Show – Episode 4

Big Wins, Kindness, & Results Over Time

Hey Patient Family,

I’m sure you all stayed up last night to see the big announcement, right? The thing that will change our country? The huge shift in what has been to what needs to be?

If you’re anything like me, I know you relished in the fact that Notre Dame beat Clemson in double overtime. With Clemson’s last ditch effort to regain the lead failing, Notre Dame secured itself as the overall winner and new leader of the college football standings. What could be more important? (Nothing?… yes, that is correct)

I think something else happened, but I didn’t catch it. Overcoming severe frustration, I was able to get the channel shifted from NBC to the USA network that continued coverage of the game. How dare anyone come between me and college football – ridiculous!

Okay, okay, I’m kidding. There will be new leadership in this country and HPC is excited to be a part of mending the country’s wounds. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs as well as basic respect. I’m excited to be a part of healing a divided country, as well as healing the community’s aches and pains.

This week’s show discusses a patient who maintained the concepts that we teach even though she was away from the office. When a new pain arose (KNEE PAIN), she responded with incredible speed because she maintained practicing what she had learned.

We aren’t the rainbow, butterfly, unicorn office. We are the office that gets into the trenches together to understand our joints, muscles, postures, and movements. Doing so not only produces consistent results, but sustains them over time!

Enjoy the Show and #keepmoving


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