Get Your Head Position in the Clouds!

Head position will dictate success or failure with neck and shoulder issues.

Not too many of us remember being told to, “keep your head in the clouds.”  Not at all.  On the contrary, it was usually something much different.  Occasionally, head position was discussed in relation to another, not so pleasant, location/body segment.

Well, good news folks.  I am telling you to get your head in the clouds and keep it there more often than not!

The truth is that we need to keep our head position up, but more importantly our sternum lifted to force us into such a position.  By doing this we avoid slouched posture and rolled shoulders and ensure neutral posture.  This helps us avoid premature degeneration, not to mention full breathing and movement capability.  In other words, it helps us live better as opposed to being prevented from just doing okay.

So remember, keep your head in the clouds!  This exercise will help.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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