CrossFit Open 22.2 – Never Again

Deadlift, Burpees, Breathing, & Avoidance

Another test and another experience. CrossFit Open 22.2 was just like every other workout, but was unique because of the pyramid challenge. I hope you did well, stayed safe, and learned a lot. I know I did.

Enjoy the video highlighting the two most important concepts that we “never again” want to miss in this workout or any other.


  • Breathing and Bracing are connected in that they should support each other. However, they should not be specifically dependent upon each other. In other words, you should be able to breath, brace, and move without needing them to be specifically connected. The training you do in warmups, planking, holds, and loaded walks, should transition to your ability to continue breathing, bracing, and moving under extreme fatigue… 22.2!
  • In terms of complexity and intrigue, the movements in this workout were… BORING! However, that doesn’t mean we should avoid it. In fact, this is the exact type of workout I need to focus on more in my training. If you have a tendency to cherry pick only the workouts you enjoy or are already good at, stop! You aren’t doing yourself any good. You should be actively seeking those that challenge your improvement and attack your weaknesses. Getting stronger at a strength doesn’t make you any better at the things you struggle with. Yet, improving on a weakness allows you to expand your strengths. Focus energy on the right areas to make monster gains over time.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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