Ankle Sprains – They’re a Big Deal

Rehab Now or Suffer Later

The research is very clear, and it has been for a long time. Ankle sprains are more than something we should just push through or wait to heal. We have to re-establish the mechanics of the ankle up into the hips as well as down into the toes. Neglecting this leads us into serious vulnerability throughout the entire lower half of our body.

At Health & Performance Center, we understand this and ensure that our patients either heal correctly the first time or regain their intended strength and range from “glory days” injuries. We do this by utilizing the FRONT LUNGE as both an assessment and end-stage exercise. When the patient can perform a perfect front lunge we know they are in the best position to prevent future sprains and avoid future catastrophic injuries at the knee, hip and low back.

Enjoy the video for more details and know that we can help you regardless of when you sprained your ankle.

Good Luck and #keepmoving

HPC Docs and Staff

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