HPC Checkup Show – Episode 2

What a Weekend, A Tale of 2 Patients, & The Future is Bright

Hello HPC Patient Family,

Welcome back to the second episode of the HPC Checkup Show. We heard from a lot of you that you actually watched the episode… thank the Lord on High!!!

Seriously, we are going to do this regardless of how many people tune in because it is import. More important than the NBA finals. More important than the pending election. More important than whether or not you wear a mask. Why? Because it is all about you and your understanding of how to unleash you physical and mental power.

Last week was an intro, this week is all about the concept of activity and awareness. Here are the highlights:

  • Enjoy 2020 for anything positive it brings
  • Make sure your activity is broad and general – not just one thing
  • 1 Tale – the patient who lost his way (it happens)
  • 2nd Tale – the patient who stays on top of it (it can happen)

Good Luck and #keepmoving


2 thoughts on “HPC Checkup Show – Episode 2

  1. I watched Episode 1 and just now Episode 2. Both were interesting and challenging to me.
    Dr. Jared your advise helps me to do better in meeting these challenges each day! I will admit some days are better days. But, I am sure that is natural for everyone to feel this way! With winter coming it will be more of a challenge. I do not like cold winter weather!

    1. Ruth, you are an awesome person and an inspiration. Keeping fighting for everything you can and remember that you motivate many people. Thanks for being a great patient.

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