COVID-19 – We’re still Open!

We’re Open, We’re COVID-19 Clean, & We’re Supporting Local Small Business

COVID-19 has created uncertainty all around us.  Fortunately, you can be certain that Health & Performance Center will be open for as long as possible.  Not only will we be open, but we will also be continuing several COVID-19 safety and risk management procedures to keep you as safe as possible while maintaining your health and wellness.
Our patients received an email explaining our steps toward achieving the safest environment possible.  However, we wanted to put this out to all people, as well as give another reminder.  This video highlights the following:
  • Supporting Local Small Business as much as you can for as long as you can (1:35)
  • What is HPC doing to continue your care and keep you safe? (3:30)
  • Why is there so much panic? (6:30)
  • What are your options if everything gets shut down? (11:08)
Remember, the sun will come out tomorrow!  The COVID-19 crisis will end and we will restore and rebuild what was lost.  It’s what we do as good people, neighbors, and Americans.  Don’t forget to support the people around you and do whatever you can to restore normalcy to this very abnormal world.
Good Luck and #keepmoving

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