Hamstring Stretch

A good hamstring stretch can be the difference between pain and freedom.

For the vast majority of the populations, 2 things make the hamstring stretch critical:

  1. We will pick things up and put things down.
  2. We will reach, roll, and adapt throughout our spine.

If this is indeed true, then knowing how to isolate the hamstrings for work and the spine for adaptation is critical.  Failing to use the hamstrings while lifting ensures excessive stress to the low back and spinal cord.  Neglecting to produce a solid base will undoubtedly leave the same tissue incredibly vulnerable to injury.

This exercise is a favorite in the office and in the gym.  In the office setting we discuss and learn the importance of healthy hamstring usage to maintain a healing environment.  Much the same, we discuss the same mechanics and awareness in the gym but we also intensify this activity to build strength, stability, and stamina.  Regardless of location, this exercise can make a huge difference in your long term health and wellness.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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