Walking the Pain Away

How many steps did you walk today?

It’s a question we may ask ourselves, or something we track within a group to help us stay healthy.  But, does counting our walking steps really make us healthy or does it push us toward our next injury?

It’s a fair question considering the recommended number of steps is 10,000.  That’s right, 10,000 repetitions of anything is a lot of repetitions.  In fact, its the same number of repetitions as hours to “master” something.  All in one day!

But what if each walking step creates instability and compression in the low back, hips, knees, ankles, and plantar fascia?  Could we be stepping ourselves into the doctors office thinking we are becoming more fit and healthy?

The only way to answer these questions is to understand appropriate technique and then pay attention to what we are doing in our longer walks..  You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to pay attention and try your best to avoid sloppy technique.  This video will help.

Walking from the core will not only protect the feet, but help you stabilize your entire system.  It’s worth the attention, and you will be gifted with 10,000 opportunities to practice each and every day.  Don’t miss the opportunity to dominate.

Good luck and #keepmoving



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