Protecting the Low Back

How Sitting and Standing will either Kill or Cure your Low Back

We all have to sit and stand. Realistically, we do this activity multiple times a day. Some may do it more than others, but most of us are constantly up and down repetitively throughout our busy day.

This activity of sitting and standing, otherwise known as “THE SQUAT”, can either keep us healthy and churning away or leave us vulnerable and dreading each movement. Meghan, our featured patient, was dreading the activity before she came to see us.

But Meghan was willing to learn new things. Pain is a very powerful motivator. And when it is alleviated, “light bulbs” go on in a patient’s head.

Thankfully, this happened for Meghan as she learned and dominated the chair squat. She now takes advantage of every opportunity to sit and stand, solidifying her progression and leaving low back pain in the rear view mirror.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


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