Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain and Elbow Pain arise from a lack of full range of motion throughout the entire arm.


Increasing range of motion at the mid back, shoulder blade, shoulder, and elbow reduces and eliminates wrist pain.


Some experience wrist pain from working long ours in front of a computer.  Others will find it at the gym doing movements like the front squat, power clean, or push press.  Regardless, pain at the elbow and wrist comes from a lack of range of motion and stability.  And though many see it as a local issue, the problem is throughout the entire arm.


Problems the wrist and elbow don’t start at the wrist and elbow.  For the desk jockey, it comes from a rounded spine and slouched shoulders.  The gym rat thrashes these joints because they focus on stretching the wrist and forearm and not the whole system.  When both groups understand that it is a global problem, they will make progress.


The global problem, or process, starts at the spine.  Extending the spine, or being able to sit up straight without much effort is the start.  Freeing up the shoulder blade to glide around the rib cage is the next step.  And loosening the tight muscle groups around the shoulder finishes the process of creating a solid platform.  In other words, achieving the above allows the elbow and wrist to operate on a solid foundation.


The PVC Front Rack Stretch attacks all of the arm, shoulder, and spine.  We are all short on time, so it’s great to have one stretch that works on so many parts.
Don’t waste your time doing the same things and getting the same lack of results.  Attack the entire system and see your symptoms reduce and vanish.  No one should suffer from elbow and wrist pain.


Good Luck and #keepmoving

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