Trigger Points and Neck Pain

Trigger Points and Neck Pain generally express from chronic postural stress.

Alleviating the trigger points provides the opportunity to progress away from neck pain and shoulder damage.

I am guilty. That’s right. Guilty of allowing my shoulders to round and my neck to drift forward. And that rounding and drifting creates my neck pain and trigger points. All because of gravity.

Gravity is one relentless S.O.B.!

The forces of gravity always win in terms of pulling us into slouched postures. It is the path of least resistance and try as we might, we will all eventually succumb to the power of gravity.

So, do we quit? Throw in the towel? Accept our impending doom?

Nope, we grind against it. The roads we travel, the buildings within we work, the homes within we live, and the vehicles we drive do not give in. Yes, they are structures and machines… but we aren’t much different.

In fact, we have a massive advantage. We can think, act, and manage nearly everything we need at virtually any time we see fit. We don’t need to wait for a maintenance crew, government funding, or our next paycheck. The body just needs some attention.

The neck mash exercise is a great method of reducing stress and trigger points from our neck and shoulders. Because it will provide relief of neck pain and help reduce shoulder damage, the exercise is our maintenance mechanism.

Gravity will always push and pull on our system, and though we lose the battle we can always win the overall war. Restoring normal tissue to the neck can then allow for postural restoration. Renewed and appropriate posture allows us to fight the forces of gravity with greater efficiency. In doing so, we win for longer periods and reduce the tendency for trigger points to emerge.

Don’t stress the battle; win the war. HPC can help restore your postural stability, reducing your neck pain, and decreasing your shoulder damage.

neck mash

Good Luck & #keepmoving


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