Neck Pain and Shoulder Damage

Neck Pain and Should Rotator Cuff Tears afflict far too many people.

Developing the PVC Overhead Press Plus is a great way to restore ideal posture and mechanics.

Too often do we see our patients suffering from neck pain and rotator cuff damage.  This is rarely due to a traumatic accident, but rather a result of postural strain and mis-use.  We spend most of our day’s with our arms at our sides or straight in front of our body.  We rarely ask them to work up and over our head, resulting in tight tissues that are vulnerable to damage and inflammation.

By working patients toward achievement of this exercise, we help them restore posture and mechanics while reducing vulnerability to injury.  Extending the mid-back, freeing up movement at the shoulder blades, and unleashing the beautifully complex ability of the shoulder is critical.  It reduces stress and inflammation.  Things that cause neck pain and shoulder damage.

Dominating neck pain and shoulder damage can be a difficult task.  However, once the patient starts to commit towards better overhead capability, the snow ball starts to roll and gain momentum.  With each day comes greater ability to position the head, neck, and shoulders.  Very soon the overhead position is a true possibility.  And finally, the patient can not only get their arms above their head, but they can reach even farther back; they can find full and un-inhibited range of motion.

With attention and guidance, this can happen for nearly anyone.  The road is never smooth and straight, but nothing worth achieving ever is.  Remember that you are worth the time and effort.  Remember that your body has inherent capabilities that are screaming to be restored and expressed.  Remember that neck pain and shoulder damage don’t have to be a part of your life.


Good Luck and #keepmoving

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