You Need a Common Sense Approach

Treatment to Joints, Muscles, & Movement

Specific Condition or Complete System Approach

You Decide

Throw a rock in the St. Louis area and it will hit at least 2 chiropractic offices before it hits the ground. Why then do so many people pass multiple chiropractors to make it to Health & Performance Center?

While we never want to understate the power of the chiropractic adjustment, we do believe it is important to look beyond the joint when treating patients. HPC’s method involves treatments to joints, muscles, and movements, producing a highly efficient and common-sense approach.

Utilizing his Masters Degree in Sport Science & Rehabilitation in correlation with chiropractic, Dr. Jared can resolve pain, treat the underlying “causes”, educate the patient on vulnerabilities, and restore the intended function of the body.

All of this is achieved within an educational and team oriented setting. Dr. Jared does not want to be the patients “Hero.” He’d rather be the “Guide,” allowing the patient to take charge of their body and its progression, acting as an encouraging coach rather than an emotionless boss.