A Common Sense Solution

HPC treats the entire system – Joints, Muscles, and Movement. It’s time to experience Relief, Correction, and Living as your were Intended.

Nothing works better than the CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT to restore balance, symmetry, and a healing environment

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE restores a healing environment in Muscles and allows for pain free motion

The “magic is in the movement.” No other office will solidify improvements in joints and muscles into your POSTURES & MOVEMENTS

You are far more than a collection of joints or a group of muscles. You are intricate system that is dependent on everything being in balance and symmetry. Why then do so many offices only focus on one of the three pillars of physical health?

At Health & Performance Center we evaluate and treat all three pillars – JOINTS, MUSCLES, and MOVEMENT.

The chiropractic adjustment restores balance and symmetry to your joints. Therapeutic massage techniques restore health and ability to your muscles. And our posture and movement rehab solidifies all these improvements into how you subconsciously live your life.

It truly is a unique system because most other offices don’t want to take the time to treat and teach. HPC believes there is no other way to have a lasting effect on our patients.