Virtual Treatment

Virtual Treatment is a Great Solution

In a busy and uncertain world, virtual treatment emerges as the option many patients desire and absolutely need.  Whether your treatment requires significant  assistance or just a compliance catalyst, Health & Performance Center is excited to help you overcome your worries and struggles.
  • Coronavirus is here

  • Your schedule is full
  • You don’t live next door
  • A little convenience would be nice
  • Treatment Study Guides and Open Book Tests are the Best!

TeleCare Rx may be the option to match convenience, safety, and results.

Virtual treatment with Health & Performance Center is as simple as clicking the TeleCare Rx app on your phone.  Instantly see your exercise prescription, see videos to help you remember the technique, see your doctor and hear their instruction, and even get a video review to ensure your accuracy.  These are just a few of the amazing features that utilize simple technology to accelerate your results while keeping you safe.
  • What am I supposed to do? –  We hear that phrase often.  Patients are listening, but there is so much information to consume.  It’s very hard to retain all the information.  So, we use TeleCare Rx to help you review the recommendations whenever you like, seeing exactly what your doctor wants you to do.
  • How am I supposed to do this?  – Many of the exercises have subtleties that are critical to producing quick results.  Unfortunately, they can be difficult to remember.  Having access to a video example of your doctor doing the exercise as well as discussing the key components is a huge asset, ensuring accuracy with your at-home exercises.
  • I know that face! – TeleCare Rx allows your doctor to send you a video snap, discussing your specific needs and personalizing the online experience.  There is nothing generic about this software.  It is literally an extension of everything you do within the office.
  • Am I doing this right? – With so much going on in your life, the pain you experience, and the difficulty of healing your body, it is incredibly convenient to have confirmation on what you are doing, both wrong and right.  This app allows the doctor to perform video reviews highlighting what you may be missing and all the things you are doing correctly.  It is an amazing assistant to your care.