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Nutrition Guide

Our nutrition online product will unlock the door to the best version of your overall health

From understanding what foods represent to how much of what you need to eat, this Nutrition Guide covers everything. Most diets don’t work and this Guide helps you transition dieting into the way you eat from now on. This could be the beginning of you never having to “diet” again.

Mobility Guide

Increasing mobility is critical to living a fully capable life.  The online mobility guide will help you do just that.

If you can’t move through full range of motion, you are essentially squashing your joints, increasing inflammation, degeneration, and pain throughout your body. This Mobility Guide teaches the simple things you can do to ease tension and set the body free.

Online Products Coming Soon…

At Health & Performance Center, we are always trying to make life convenient for you and that means leveraging technology to deliver our online products. Our “in-office” patients now enjoy TeleCare Rx as a supplement to their at-home exercise understanding and compliance. But that’s just the beginning of a much bigger health care picture. Very soon, we will be able to use the software to expand our online products to include the following:

  • Nutrition Course
  • Mobility Course
  • Weight Training Course
  • Running Course
  • … and so much more!

We want to continue leading the chiropractic profession, and health care for that matter, into the future. Stay tuned for the wide range of expertise we can offer you in the comfort of your home.


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