Can Your Body Wait for Change?

Understanding Food & Fuel

Did you know that the food pyramid is somewhat upside-down?  Grains and starches should be closer to the top, meaning less.  Meats and greens should be at the base, meaning more.  Fruit should be understood as a gift from nature called “dessert.”  What we have been ‘feed’ is not producing results!  We know its hard to ‘swallow,’ but we must re-evaluation our understanding of foods and what they do for us.  So, when we get it right we can actually see some results.

Modify Habits

We all commit to something.  Unfortunately these habits don’t always lead to good outcomes.  And there’s nothing harder than breaking a habit.  That’s whey we don’t try.  Instead, we modify habits to increase our good decisions and reduce the other type of decisions.  By doing this, we see solid results without the stress and strain from fad or restrictive dieting.  We reduce nutritional pollution and restore appropriate and intended fueling.

Restoring Life

We all need to be in appropriate ranges regarding health.  Unfortunately, we all struggle to stay in those ranges and few of us find perfection.  We use objective metrics to measure where you start your journey and assess how you are progressing.  By consistently following multiple measurement, we avoid the frustration of “just the scale” and progress toward restoring all aspects of health.

So How Does It Work?

Schedule a Session

Every great journey starts with a first step.  This is that first step.  Contact us to schedule your first session.  Your body can’t wait for this change.

Fill out the Paperwork

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew everything about you before you came to the office.  Fill out the paper work and send it to us so we can streamline the process.  Save your time and increase the value.

Get Started on Day 1

There’s nothing worse than leaving an appointment knowing nothing new.  Everyone will leave their first session with actionable instruction.  Complete step #2 will dictate how much and powerful your first session will be.