Roller Power

Tight Quads lead to Low Back Compression and Pain.

The Quad Mash will help lengthen the quads, restore posture, and alleviate low back and knee pain.

—Most Humans Exist in a Constant State of Flexion—

It’s not just when we’re sitting, but when we’re standing, we can fall into bad posture of rounding or hyper-extension in the low back.
Because of the lifestyle we live today, our quad muscles are doing a lot of jobs they were never designed to do—chronic sitting, poor posture and neglecting movement patterns that are essential to optimally functioning bodies—we are quickly becoming Quad Dominant.”

The quadriceps muscle group is comprised of four large muscles
the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedius
where the synergistic actions of quadriceps and hamstrings work to extend (straighten) and stabilize the knee, flex the hip and adduct and externally rotate the thigh.

The Quad Mash:
Effectively using a foam roller to explore your quad fascia and loosen the structures that have been chronically tightened, helping to restore and maintain proper function.

The most common imbalance in modern humans is related to the ratio of strength and flexibility in our quads vs. in our hamstrings, so, take your time to make sure you hit the entire muscle group during this exercise.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

Chair Power 4.0

Tight Quads from Chronic Sitting Compress the Spine and De-activate the Glute-Hamstring Complex.

The Quad Stretch Restores Hip and Spine Balance to Alleviate Pain and Problems from Chronic Sitting.

The effects of chronic sitting can be explained through a process called

Reciprocal Inhibition
When tightness in one muscle [your hip flexors, in this case] creates length in the muscle on the opposite side of the joint [your glutes]

If this occurs for too long, the process that tells the lengthened muscle to activate—specifically, the neurons that fire and signal the muscle fibers to contract—is compromised. In other words, when your hip flexors ​get super tight, your gluteal muscles become lengthened and desensitized, and won’t activate/generate power when you try to engage them.

Unleash the power of the chair with the Quad Stretch and restore balance in your muscles, hips and spine to alleviate pain and problems associated with chronic sitting.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

Glute-Hamstring Power

Weak Glute-Hamstring Complex creates Pain and Degeneration in the Low Back and Knees.

The Glute-Ham Bridge works to Restore Strength and Protect the Low Back and Knees.

Prolonged sitting, especially with poor posture habits, can restrict blood flow throughout your entire system which can promote the weakening or deactivation of the hips and glutes—essentially decreasing your body’s ability to use your incredibly powerful gluteus muscles when they’re needed.

The Glute-Hamstring Bridge will activate the glutes and hamstrings to fight against the body’s tendency to shut down while in a prolonged slouched/curved position.

If you’re unable to perform this exercise on the ground, unleash the power of the chair as an alternative. To reactivate those muscles, you can slide to the front part of a chair, squeeze glutes and hamstrings and push your heels into the ground.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

Chair Power 3.0

Chronic Hip and Spinal Flexion from sitting Compress and Inflame the Low Back.

The Anterior Hip Stretch restores the Hips and Spine to Balance and helps Resolve Low Back Pain.

We have all come under extra workload and general life stress where remembering to maintain good posture or workplace ergonomics can be the last thing on our mind.

Over time, this pattern of returning to the inevitable slouched position of least resistance can increase your risk of chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries—all of which impact long-term health and productivity.

The chair is not always evil—we can use it to re-calibrate our system and help resolve low back pain by restoring balance in the hips and spine.

Unleash the power of the chair with the Anterior Hip Stretch. This exercise will activate the glutes and hamstrings and stretch the front part of the hip to undo that slouched posture.

Good Luck