Doc-cast 4 – Damn You Entropy. Getting on Top of Chaos

Don’t freak out about the word “Entropy.”  It is simply a scientific term that explains the tendency of things to become disorganized over time.

Realistically, we all should have a very good idea what entropy is when we take a look at our lives!  Things fall apart, plans dissolve, attention is stolen, people let us down, we let ourselves down, and everything else that has a tendency to unravel is the real world expression of ENTROPY.

You can’t eliminate entropy, but you can control with a little bit of effort (aka… energy expenditure).

This doc-cast discusses where entropy may show its ugly head and what you can do to keep it in a low state of existence… stay on top of you business!

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Entropy from Jared Vananne on Vimeo.


Doc-cast 3 – JMM Pillars for Success

Doc-cast 3 – JMM Pillars for Success from Jared Vananne on Vimeo.

In this episode we discuss the foundational principles that have made Health & Performance Center a successful practice regarding patient results.
As we discussed in the previous episode, our reviews are amazing because of the staff and the quality patients that utilize our facility.  But without a standardized approach to producing results, the positive reviews don’t happen.
We focus on a Joint, Muscle, and Movement approach that integrates treatments to Joints and Muscles, while providing the opportunity to solidify everything with refined postures and movement patterns.  A mouth-full, I know, but an incredible effective mechanism to produce results.
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Doc-cast 2 – Why all the Awesome Reviews?

I don’t want this to be a “pat me on the back” session, but more of a “this is why” things have gone well session.  We are on Doc-cast #2, but we have been around for nearly a decade.  In that time, I have noticed a few things that have lead to roughly 200+ reviews and nearly a 99% rating.  They are as follows:
  1. Amazing Patients
  2. Awesome Staff
  3. Phenom Associate
  4. Consistency with our Process
This doc-cast breaks all of that down and is pertinent to patients, perspective patients, perspective doctors, and young DC’s wondering how to make it all work.

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Doc-cast 2 – Why all the Awesome Reviews from Jared Vananne on Vimeo.



Doc-cast #1: Chronic Disease, Nutrition, and Exercise

Welcome to the very first Health & Performance Center Doc-cast, created by none other than Dr. Jared.  This episode highlights this weeks “Colleen Quote” discussing chronic disease being the result of less than ideal nutrition and exercise.  Enjoy, share, comment, and #keepmoving.

Doc-cast 1 – Chronic Disease, Nutrition, and Exercise from Jared Vananne on Vimeo.