Neck Range of Motion

Technological Posture Restricts Neck Range of Motion and Increases the Rate of Spinal Degeneration

The Door Stretch with Neck Range of Motion Restores Posture and Normal Range, Preventing Pain, Vulnerability, and Premature Degeneration

CrossFit Open 20.2 – Strategy & Breakdown

I know my pants are “FIRE,” but so were my brain and stomach!

This workout is an absolute grind. You need to break it down into segments and set a very conscious pace in the first five minutes so you can survive the last five minutes.

The video breaks down the thought process as well as the actual workout.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


Scapular Protraction

Overhead Ability is Critical to Pain-free Neck and Shoulders

The Scapular Protraction Ensures We Keep or Regain Neck and Shoulder Health and Longevity

The shoulder requires both mobility and stability in order to support and stabilize the rest of the upper extremity. Poor movement patterns and/or deficits in muscle strength at the scapula can lead to uncoordinated movement, instability, pain, and injury.

Although abstract—The Scapular Protraction—this movement is critical to an optimally functioning shoulder complex which encompasses full range of motion, balance and symmetry.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

Scapular Retraction

Technology Rolls our Shoulders Forward, Tugging on our Neck and Back Muscles

The Scapular Retraction Restores Strength and Stability to the Muscles of the Back and Neck

Technological posture triggers a physiological imbalance in the upper body, and if not corrected, it can lead to adverse effects on your overall health
poor digestion, spinal compression, degeneration, nerve constriction—

Undoing the damage is a process that includes breaking bad habits, taking standing breaks and doing quick postural re-calibration exercises such as the Scapular Retraction

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

Door Stretch

Computers and Smart Devices Pull our Shoulders Forward, Creating Constant Stress, Strain, and Compression

The Door Stretch Replaces our Shoulders to Protect our Neck and Rotator Cuffs into Normal Posture