Boost Immunity and protect yourself from coronavirus covid-19

Boost Immunity

Boost Immunity to Prepare for the Inevitable

The world is in relative lock down and feelings of helplessness abound.  However, we can do much more than seclusion to prepare for what is inevitable.

To this point, much of the country’s focus has been on social distancing and preventing spread.  Understand that I have no problem with that.  Yet, I do believe it important to discuss things that boost immunity aside from eating toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

In an article from, Hallie Levine discusses 5 different science-backed areas that can help boost immunity (Boost Your Immune System to Fight Viruses).  They are as follows:

  1. Stay Active
  2. Eat Well
  3. Manage Stress
  4. Sleep
  5. Supplement

Fortunately, Health & Performance Center discusses nearly all of these with every patient.  In fact, we have for the last decade.  So, we have been consistently preparing patients for this pandemic.

Maybe a little hyperbolic, but the fact remains that we create joint balance and muscle symmetry to improve posture and movement.  To do this, we focus on a mind body connection forged through diaphramatic breathing.  Add consultation regarding sleep strategies and nutrition and we hit every area.

Simply, we get people back to moving like they were designed so they can stay active.  This is achieved through something very similar to yoga, self-evaluation, and mediation.

Enjoy the breakdown and as always, #keepmoving


Don’t forget about our VIRTUAL TREATMENT OPTIONS

COVID-19 has not closed us yet. We are still open

COVID-19 – We’re still Open!

We’re Open, We’re COVID-19 Clean, & We’re Supporting Local Small Business

COVID-19 has created uncertainty all around us.  Fortunately, you can be certain that Health & Performance Center will be open for as long as possible.  Not only will we be open, but we will also be continuing several COVID-19 safety and risk management procedures to keep you as safe as possible while maintaining your health and wellness.
Our patients received an email explaining our steps toward achieving the safest environment possible.  However, we wanted to put this out to all people, as well as give another reminder.  This video highlights the following:
  • Supporting Local Small Business as much as you can for as long as you can (1:35)
  • What is HPC doing to continue your care and keep you safe? (3:30)
  • Why is there so much panic? (6:30)
  • What are your options if everything gets shut down? (11:08)
Remember, the sun will come out tomorrow!  The COVID-19 crisis will end and we will restore and rebuild what was lost.  It’s what we do as good people, neighbors, and Americans.  Don’t forget to support the people around you and do whatever you can to restore normalcy to this very abnormal world.
Good Luck and #keepmoving

The hamstring stretch ensures appropriate length but also awareness in lifting movements

Hamstring Stretch

A good hamstring stretch can be the difference between pain and freedom.

For the vast majority of the populations, 2 things make the hamstring stretch critical:

  1. We will pick things up and put things down.
  2. We will reach, roll, and adapt throughout our spine.

If this is indeed true, then knowing how to isolate the hamstrings for work and the spine for adaptation is critical.  Failing to use the hamstrings while lifting ensures excessive stress to the low back and spinal cord.  Neglecting to produce a solid base will undoubtedly leave the same tissue incredibly vulnerable to injury.

This exercise is a favorite in the office and in the gym.  In the office setting we discuss and learn the importance of healthy hamstring usage to maintain a healing environment.  Much the same, we discuss the same mechanics and awareness in the gym but we also intensify this activity to build strength, stability, and stamina.  Regardless of location, this exercise can make a huge difference in your long term health and wellness.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


Hamstring mash will normalize hamstring tissue to keep the knees and low back safe and healthy

Hamstring Mash

Hamstring Length – Ensuring Low Back and Knee Health

Chronic seated posture at work, in the car, and just in general will inevitably shorten the hamstrings.  When they are short, they change the dynamics of the pelvis into the low back as well as the hip into the knee.  Shifting from appropriate dynamics will not only create high levels of tension and stress in muscles but it will also produce compression and degeneration at the joints.

By restoring normal hamstring length, we ensure low back and knee health.  When the joints are neutral and the muscles are pliable, we generally live a highly capable, pain-free life.  Put in some work and give your low back and knees a break so they will stick around for years to come.

Good Luck and #keepmoving