How to Shovel Snow

It can either be a great workout, or the beginning of a major injury.

Shoveling snow is an inevitable reality for just about everyone in the Midwest. Fortunately it doesn’t hit St. Louis often and generally not in large quantities.
Yet, once every few years we will get dumped on and it is critical to know how to shovel snow efficiently or you may find yourself hurting in a bad way.

This video highlights some technical awareness points for shoveling snow. Hopefully it will help you make the task a solid exercise and avoid a significant injury.

How to Shovel Snow from Jared Vananne on Vimeo.

How to Shovel Snow from Jared Vananne on Vimeo.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


Shoulder Pain Fix – Part 2

What Does My Shoulder Need?

Just like a car needs attention regarding gas, oil, and alignment, the body needs attention regarding balance and correction of joints, muscles, AND movement/posture. Neglecting one breaks the efficiency loop!

The previous post discussed the importance of driving blood flow to the shoulder muscles with “mashing”. But without taking it a step further, we are missing the idea of creating change to complete a healing cycle and change the system toward stability.

This video discusses the importance of stretching or mobilizing after the mashing sequence. There are many stretches, but these two will get just about everything you need in the shortest amount of time.

Shoulder Fix – Step 2 from Jared Vananne on Vimeo.

Good Luck and #keepmoving,


Shoulder Pain Fix – Part 1

With any problem in the spine or extremities, it is important to create balance and symmetry in the joints.  However, most people want to take a more proactive approach with their healing with some at-home exercises.

This video highlights the first concept that we use to increase blood flow, decrease pain, and increase the healing response in damaged tissue.  It is called “MASHING”. 

Enjoy and #keepmoving


Shoulder PAIN!

It’s a common affliction that causes major problems in quality of life.  We generally see 3 types:

  1. Trigger Points that generate a Chronic Ache
  2. Rotator Cuff Tears that Nag, Annoy, and Inhibit
  3. Nerve Issues that can Stop you in Your Tracks

Regardless, our common sense approach to treating joints, muscles, and movements consistently delivers results that last.

Check out the video for more information and Contact Us to get some help.

Good luck and #keepmoving,


Doc-cast #8 – Habit and Positive Self-Talk

Why not you?  Make the Decision!

It may seem “cheesy” or “cliche”, but what you tell yourself is what you get out of yourself.  

And I already hear you… “I know, I know, I know.  Let’s move on to the next topic.”

Critical error, folks; CRITICAL ERROR!

If you want the long version, get Jen Sincero’s book, “You are a BADASS.”  Awesome book to give, get, listen to, or read.  And if you actually understand and apply the concepts, life gets a hell of a lot easier simply because you push your thoughts to a different level.

Short Version – Your thoughts formulate your actions which dictate your reality and progress into your future.  

Shitty thoughts = Shitty future

Random thoughts = Random future

Intentional positive and productive thoughts = Intentional (Predictable) positive and productive future.

This doc-cast hits somewhere in between the long and short version and discusses modifications to your thinking regarding improving your physical future.

Good luck and remember… You are a Badass! #keepmoving #keepunderstanding