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Low back pain devastates 66% of us. Stop it with active care.

Low Back Pain – The Brutality

So Many Sufferers

If you go to lunch with 2 other people, more than half of you will suffer from low back pain and for at least one of you it will be chronic and repetitive.  That means that 66% of us must deal with disabling stress of low back pain.

This is no surprise to us as we see many patients with this problem.  The sad part is that many of them have experienced substandard treatment.  Rest and avoidance have been drilled into so many when that is the worst thing to do.  The best thing, an active approach, is often met with severe skepticism. 

Let us be clear.  The patients who experience the best results are those who reestablish core stability.  This is true in both resting postures but also in repetitive life like movements.

Restore the Hip to Secure Recovery

As we discussed, the statistics are clear that low back pain will affect most of us.  However, the important thing to learn is why low back pain is so prevalent.  Our patients must learn how to understand their vulnerabilities so they may manage them to avoid recurrence. 

The ball and socket joint of the hip is likely the most underutilized asset in the body.  When we use it through full range and with a stable core, there is very little that can go wrong.  On the contrary, if we neglect to use it, then we will certainly misuse our low back with very poor and unstable mechanics.  In other words, we will grind through our low back until something gives out.

The struggle for many is that our body is incredibly resilient.  We can make these errors for years with no problems.  But, we have a saying in the office – “Compensations work until they don’t.  And when they don’t, it gets very ugly very quickly.” 

There is Hope

Many patients respond very well to our adjustments and massage therapy treatments.  But, the thing that starts building confidence that there truly is hope is the seated hinge exercise.

This exercise helps improve range of motion at the hip while stabilizing the low back.  At first, many patients are apprehensive.  But as we teach them how to stabilize the core and “roll” through the hip they are astonished.  They can do the exercise with no pain or significantly less pain.

This is a big step on many levels, but two in particular:

  1. They have confidence that they can go through sitting and standing without much difficulty
  2. When they use the old/bad mechanic, they are reminded very quickly (PAIN) to do it the right way.

Make Low Back Pain a Thing of the Past

Our reviews are very clear.  Over 400 of our patients have experienced massive improvements.  Enough to give us a 5-Star review.  Many of them were low back pain patients.  If you are ready to stabilize your back while restoring the power of the hip, then it’s time to schedule an appointment.  We can’t wait to help.

Heel pain is a very common foot problem that needs a focus approach to resolve.

Heel Pain Game Changer

Don’t let heel pain stop you

If you are ever in a room with more than ten people, at least one of you is suffering from heel pain (aka plantar fasciitis). It is the most common cause of foot pain in middle-aged adults and pushes 2 million people to the doctors office each year for treatment.

And while heel pain is common in the running community, it is also prevalent in other areas of life. Health Care and Social Assistance workers are at great risk because of spending so much time on their feet. Yet, workers in Finance and Insurance are also at work even though they spend a lot of time sitting.

So, whether you stand, sit, or run, you can get heel pain. Meaning, it can come for all of us!

There are solutions

HPC has successfully managed hundreds of patients with plantar fasciitis. And yes, these patients come in all different shapes, sizes, and exercise preferences. They key is in the evaluation and progressive treatment.

You see, plantar fasciitis generally comes from one of three scenarios:

  • Too much tension/not enough flexibility
  • Too much instability/not enough control or balance
  • A combination of both

If it seems complicated, it’s because it can be. That is why so many people struggle with repetitive bouts of heel pain. It also accounts for why so many people struggle to find lasting results from simple measures (injections or meds).

The best solution (one that we have developed and utilized for our patients) involves three steps:

  • Step 1 – Control Inflammation
  • Step 2 – Restore Range of Motion and Stability
  • Step 3 – Build Strength

When we achieve these steps in sequence not only does the pain subside, but the patient has great understanding of how to sustain the results. That is a hallmark of all treatment at HPC for any and all diagnoses that we treat.

Make heel pain a thing of the past

It’s time to put plantar fasciitis behind you. If you or someone you know if suffering from plantar fasciitis, send them our way so we can help them reduce inflammation and pain, restore range of motion and stability, and build strength for lasting results.

Posture is a big part of why we have pain. Learning posture checks helps win the fight.

Posture Check that is Easy

Treatment Needs to be Easy. This Posture Check is Just That

Many of our patients are dissatisfied with previous chiropractic care or their experience with physical therapy. There are many reasons for this but one is that most chiros don’t do anything beyond the adjustment and many PT’s do too much and it takes too long. Regardless, the patient leaves without any posture check from the chiro and way too much from the PT.

What we now know is that patients love to be engaged in the treatment process. Even more, they love when it makes perfect sense and is easy. So, we always want to deliver on both levels.

What is a Posture?

Until we realize it, most of us go through life without any awareness of our posture in the moment. Sure, we all recognize that ours isn’t great. But, we fail to realize that there really isn’t any “bad” posture.


Nope. There is no bad posture because it isn’t one thing. If it was we would be forced to walk around like a tooth pick all day long. There would be no sitting or bending or twisting. That would make life difficult, if not impossible.

So no, posture isn’t one thing but all the things we may ask our body to do throughout life. In other words, it lives on a spectrum. And we want to live right in the middle of that spectrum so that we can reach to each end and then return to the middle.

The problem with people and posture is that we get stuck on one side of the spectrum. We sit at desks and look at technology all day. Doing so sticks us in the “slouched” side of the spectrum.

If we do that for months and years, it becomes very difficult to get to the other side. And when we can’t go through all the postures, our bodies start to revolt. And the only way they can do this is through aches and pains or numbness and tingling.

No fun!!!

Time for a Posture Check

Much of our early rehab is all about becoming aware of body positions and mechanics. A big part of that is the ability for our patients to be aware of their posture and quickly correct into a more ideal state. A state that is in the middle of the spectrum. They “check” themselves and correct what isn’t right.

We do this for standing scenarios, sitting scenarios, sleeping scenarios, and just about any shape our body will hold as a POSE. Because a POSE is just a static posture.

When our patients can do this regularly, they start spending more time in ideal postures across the spectrum. And since the body loves full exposure to movement and postures, our patient enjoy great results that last.

How’s Your Posture?

Dissatisfied with your treatment? Ready to get on top of your issues? Excited to make pain and thing of the past? Are you ready for a little clarity and confidence?

It’s time take control of your life and we can help. At Health & Performance Center, we do posture and motion analysis and provide you with a life-long profile to track your results.

Don’t wait for the posture spectrum to stick it to you. Live the life you deserve.

Treatment can be like a road forward - you'd like to be a Tesla, but you're a Turtle.

Treatment Progression Forward

The Treatment Road Can be Long, but the journey is worth it

Hey Patient Family,

Treatment is always a process. Getting to the bottom of a problem is rarely a smooth, clean, and easy process. More often, it takes some effort, attention, and repetition.

At HPC, our treatment doesn’t focus on pain. Rather, it focuses on function.

Using this approach allows us to not only get rid of your pain, but also educate you on why it was there in the first place. If you understand the “why,” you can better understand the “what” – the very things that will prevent the problem from returning.

But that isn’t the only benefit of “moving forward” with HPC. We are always trying to develop a solid, long-term relationship with our patients. We do this because of two specific reasons:

  • We are all humans prone to getting distracted and making mistakes
  • We all live on the planet Earth which is governed by a consistent compressive force called… GRAVITY!

I get treatment every couple of weeks, because I know that the forces I put on my body will leave my system compressed and sub-optimal. Some patients do the same. Others decide on a monthly, or every 6-weeks cadence. There is no right answer for all people, but the concept remains…

“In order to keep moving forward, we all need some help. Some clarity. Some direction. We want to be your guide to living the best life for the longest time.”

Dr. Jared, Dr. Ian, & Resident Will

Haven’t been in for Awhile?

We get it. Life gets busy.

No worries, we can pick up right where we left off and progress you forward.

Click the button below to schedule a visit. We can’t wait to see you again!

Know someone who needs our help?

We all struggle with pain and problems. Your friends, family, and co-workers are no different. Be the person that got them moving forward again.

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Thanks for being such an awesome part of our patient family!

Using Tech to Accelerate the Process

Progressing Shoulder Pain – Part 3

Shoulders are the most mobile and dynamic joint in the human body. We use them for a myriad of activities and they are amazing structures.

Summer months bring on new adventures and situations you weren’t expecting. Something as simple as starting a generator when the power goes out can cause aches and pains in the shoulder if it isn’t ready.

That’s why July is shoulder month here at Health & Performance Center.

Load it up!

Once shoulder pain and inflammation are controlled, it's time to add some weight to build strength and stability.

I know you’re all waiting to hear what happened next with Justin’s shoulder. Here you go.

Last week we talked about a “push-up plus” exercise to work the shoulder blade by activating the Serratus Anterior muscle (aka the boxer’s muscle). Since Justin is a very competent gym-goer and had a super busy schedule Dr. Ian felt comfortable giving him scaling options to make it more effective as the healing process progressed.

He was even able to jump on TeleCare RX to send Dr. Ian videos and comments regarding how his exercise was progressing and where to go next in between appointments.

This helped catapult Justin’s progress with limited ability to get in with his crazy schedule. He stayed focused and objective while trusting the process and he didn’t try to rush back too soon.

So what was his next exercise?

He got a single arm bent over dumbbell row. This helped to establish some stability with the muscles that PULL the shoulder blade back to compliment the push up plus which helped with PUSHING the shoulder blade forward.

The goal is to create a strong and mobile shoulder and these exercises help set that foundation so Justin can get back to cranking out big numbers on the bench press.

If you have wondered about getting into our office but are worried about time to do so let this be an eye opener that we have tools to aid you in your journey even without you being here twice a week. 

Movement & Mobility Seminar

Dr. Ian and Will Sharing Knowledge at CFMH

On July 1st Will and Ian did a free Movement & Mobility Seminar at CrossFit Maryland Heights.

The owner, Chris, let them know exactly what kind of issues he sees mostly in his gym. This allowed us to build out a specific presentation to best serve his athletes.

This particular seminar focused on hips, shoulders and wrists. These are 3 very common ones in any CrossFit gym so it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

Using a focus on these 3 areas allowed us to deliver a valuable message to them individually. We also used a lot of the time to go over the concepts and exercises we taught in order to make sure everyone was heading in the right direction.  

These are a lot of fun for us and everyone came out with a great attitude to learn something to help manage their body during their favorite workouts!

If you are interested in hosting a FREE Movement & Mobility seminar at your gym or even a Lunch & Learn at your office contact us for more info!

Newsletter Exclusive

July Promotion

Shoulder range of motion is critical for sports like golf but also every day living.

For the month of July anyone who you refer to us will get their first consultation for FREE (a $109 value). So, if you or anyone you know sounds like Justin give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ian or Dr. Will to see how we can help you!