HPC Diet Guide is HERE!

What’s Good, What’s Bad, and How to Get Results

In the many years that we have been practicing, certain things come up repetitively. One of those is nutrition. Some people are trying to maximize their performance, others want to lose weight, and some just want to feel better.

Regardless of the circumstance, we have found in our consultations that most people are just confused about what is right, what is wrong, and what will get them results. They just want to know that changes they plan to make will be worth it.

It’s Time to Understand Nutrition

A solid fueling strategy (aka nutrition) is much more than a fad diet. Yes, we use the term “diet” but only because that’s what most people resonate with. In actuality, the nutrition we consume is the fuel our body uses to operate throughout life. So, good fuel leads to good life and bad fuel leads to something not fun at all.

Therefore, understanding nutrition is a critical component to finding the best fueling strategy for you and your goals. Our nutrition guide helps with the following:

  • Help you understand the appropriate nutritional recommendations for you
  • Debunk common nutritional myths with clinical research
  • Build confidence in a sustainable fueling strategy
  • Setup your perfect plan of action

It’s Go Time

Whether you are looking to pack on 10 pounds of muscle, lose 50 pounds, or just rock the best Mom/Dad-bod you can muster, this guide is for you. Remember, you are 100% committed to your current diet. That should be something in which you take pride. If that’s not the case, let’s get you moving in the right direction.

HPC Checkup Show – Episode 7

Hey Patient Family,

We hope you are healthy to start 2021 or beginning to rebuild from a tough or even tragic year.  We all know what 2020 was so we don’t have to go there.  This year will hopefully restore some normalcy and allow opportunities to flourish once again.

COVID Vaccination & HPC Safety Measures

We have been open and operating throughout the entire pandemic.  It was initially the wild west of not knowing what was coming next, but we have definitely settled into a solid routine.  Thankfully we have had no known infections occurring within the office or within the gym (CrossFit Levo).  Some of this has come from a common-sense approach to enhancing our standard operating procedures.  But most of this success has come from patient’s self-screening and asking the right questions at the right times.

Dr. Jared has now received both Pfizer vaccinations with only mild side-effects, if any at all.  While it may seem strange for a chiropractor to rush out to get a vaccine, he viewed this as a duty to the community and the patient family.  Honestly, we wanted to add another layer of protection so that everyone could feel safe and comfortable coming to HPC.

We always say that we are blessed with the best patients (kind of like Cardinals and Blues fans).  There have been many occurrences where patients have called the office for clarification due to a close contact or simply self isolating.  Many of these occurrences resulted in the person becoming COVID-19 positive.  Had they neglected their situation or symptoms, no prevention measures on our part would have prevented something bad from happening.  Thankfully we are still batting 1.000 with our patient family being smart, courteous, and kind.

Thank you for being honest and awesome people.

Congrats to Mr. Ted

We want to give Ted Smith a shout-out for all the work he has been doing to reduce his pain and live a fully capable life.

Ted started his journey with us because of foot pain that was preventing him from running. We identified “a few” things that needed some tweaking with his alignment, muscle tension, posture, and movement patterning. With focused attention and a commitment to redefine his movement awareness, Ted overcame his running issues and will be ready for more come spring.

But Ted didn’t stop there. A recent bout with neck pain found him in a similar situation with the upper half of his body. With the same focus and commitment, Ted has not only improved his entire lower half, but also his upper half and spinal mid-line.

He truly is one of the most complete and impressive patients we have. So, CONGRATS TED!!!

Content Creation

Many of you have noticed that we like to throw out some content from time to time. We do this to add value to your experience at HPC through educational materials, testimonials, stories, and exercise strategy. To learn more, check out these areas of socials media:

  1. Facebook Page – Search Health & Performance Center or @hpcstl to find the page. Then like and follow the page to stay current with what’s going on.
  2. HPC Patient Family Private Members Group – We also have a private members group on Facebook. This provides a more exclusive area to share information or request specific things. Click the link and request access.
  3. Instagram – If FB isn’t your thing anymore and you’ve moved to “the gram,” you can find us at @hpcdrj. Follow us their to get the same info, plus some other things that are specific to Instagram users.

That’s it for now. Good Luck and #keepmoving

Dr.J and Staff

HPC Checkup Show – Episode 6

Nurses, WHO, & The Future of Health

Welcome Back Patient Family,

I hope you had a great, safe, and healthy version of Thanksgiving.  We have 3 things to discuss.

  1. Words from the Trenches
  2. WHO’s new guidelines on exercise
  3. The Future of your Health – Having a HealthCare Trifecta

Words from the Trenches – Nurses

We have the distinct pleasure of treating many physicians, nurses, and all other types of medical personnel.  Some might say it’s because my lovely wife is a physicians’ assistant, but we feel our awesome staff and logical treatment model have something to do with it as well.  Regardless, we have heard a lot from the nurses we serve.  This is the summary:

  • ICU beds are being significantly stressed
  • More than the elderly is represented, but the worst cases are elderly with other significant healthy issues/comorbidities. 
  • There is an influx of patients from rural areas that can’t handle the issue as effectively.
  • The situation at the hospital is concerning but so too are the many other areas of collateral damage including schools, kids, local businesses, addiction risks, and depression.

Long story short, this is still very real and very concerning.  Yet, a balanced approach to saving lives and preserving healthy living scenarios is a must.  Please be smart with what you do, where you go, and how you act.  The numbers are indicating that we did a pretty good job over Thanksgiving.  Let’s keep that trend going into the new year.

The World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO recently published an update to their recommendations for physical exercise.  Instead of maintaining a low intensity – cardio heavy stance on exercise they made some significant changes. 

While some activity (regardless of intensity) is better than no activity, they have changed the intensity level more toward moderate and high intensity levels with exercise.  Not only that, but they also make a major change to include exercise that focuses on flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, and strength.

These changes are rooted in solid science and are the same things we have been championing for years.  Thank you to the WHO for making these changes official and be sure to include a broad spectrum of physical exercise within your routine.

Let’s all live to 100 and be able to deadlift our body weight… who’s with me!

Healthcare Trifecta

We finish with discussing the importance of a great Healthcare Trifecta.  Not a primary care, urgent care, and cardiologist, but rather a great massage therapist, chiropractor, and fitness community. 

If we have learned anything from the pandemic (as evidence by the WHO’s changes), it is that we need to start living a healthier lifestyle.  Not just an idea of eating more salads but building our physical bodies up to withstand and protect against our current vulnerabilities.  If our muscles and joints are balanced and our posture and movements are strong and intended, then it is very difficult for us to have problems at any stage of life.  Not only that, we won’t need to rely on so much medication to keep us alive.  On the contrary, we can live an intended life cycle that sees us strong, capable, and confident until the very end.

Think I’m crazy?  Well… you may have some ammunition there, but not on this point.  There is too much evidence out there pointing toward higher quality of life if we make some simple changes to our habits.  A great massage therapist, chiropractor, and fitness community will go a long way toward helping you live your best life.

Good Luck and #keepmoving,


HPC Checkup Show – Episode 5

 COVID Spike, St. Louis County, & What We Should Be Talking About

Welcome Back Patient Family,

*** Trigger Alert – This Post is all about COVID ***

November has been quite a month. We have seen a close election that has yet to be decided and a major spike in COVID-19. Restrictions and regulations are coming very soon as is the cold and flu season and major gathering holidays. So… it’s gettin’ kinda hectic!

This, the 5th edition of the HPC Checkup Show, discusses the following topics:

  • Civil political discourse in the Office and at Home
  • St. Louis County announcements and Dr. Garza’s statements
  • Masks and other factors that help control COVID spread
  • Statistics that are referenced vs. What we should be talking about
  • ICU bed utilization across the state
  • Who is driving the spike and why the spike has occured

I truly hope you get something from this show. It does cover a lot of politics, but I see a responsibility to bring back civil discourse and acceptance of differing view points with high levels of respect.

Let’s get through the end of this terrible year in a manner that we can accelerate back to normalcy in 2021.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


HPC Checkup Show – Episode 4

Big Wins, Kindness, & Results Over Time

Hey Patient Family,

I’m sure you all stayed up last night to see the big announcement, right? The thing that will change our country? The huge shift in what has been to what needs to be?

If you’re anything like me, I know you relished in the fact that Notre Dame beat Clemson in double overtime. With Clemson’s last ditch effort to regain the lead failing, Notre Dame secured itself as the overall winner and new leader of the college football standings. What could be more important? (Nothing?… yes, that is correct)

I think something else happened, but I didn’t catch it. Overcoming severe frustration, I was able to get the channel shifted from NBC to the USA network that continued coverage of the game. How dare anyone come between me and college football – ridiculous!

Okay, okay, I’m kidding. There will be new leadership in this country and HPC is excited to be a part of mending the country’s wounds. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs as well as basic respect. I’m excited to be a part of healing a divided country, as well as healing the community’s aches and pains.

This week’s show discusses a patient who maintained the concepts that we teach even though she was away from the office. When a new pain arose (KNEE PAIN), she responded with incredible speed because she maintained practicing what she had learned.

We aren’t the rainbow, butterfly, unicorn office. We are the office that gets into the trenches together to understand our joints, muscles, postures, and movements. Doing so not only produces consistent results, but sustains them over time!

Enjoy the Show and #keepmoving