Existing Patient – How it Works

One Email

With one simple email we can now setup a virtual portal between you and Dr. J.  The email will help you through the initial setup on your computer and smart phone.  Once you have your unique and secure profile, Dr. J can send you information on your at-home exercises, when to do them, how many sets, and how many reps.  He can leave you a video message to answer questions and provide reminders on exactly how to fine tune exercises for your specific benefit.  You can even upload a video of your exercise so Dr. J can return a video review ensuring you waste no time or efficiency as you progress.  It is truly amazing!

Get Setup

All you need to do is request an initial setup email.  Click the button below to go to the “Get Started” page, fill out the contact form and select “TeleCare Rx Info and Setup” option, and submit!

Because you are an existing patient we can start your virtual assistance and treatment immediately.  We look forward to helping you on your smart phone soon!