The beast crawl arm tap exercise increases shoulder stability and reduces pain

Shoulder Stability

Shoulder stability is critical for long term health and quality of life.  Unfortunately, the shoulder is so mobile that stability gets lost.

A reduction in shoulder stability causes bone on bone pinching called impingement.  This pinching results in inflammation and shoulder damage.


Thankfully, the Beast Crawl Arm Tap exercise restructures stability back into the shoulder.  And the shoulder stability occurs with full spinal stability.  So, you can have a higher quality of life for many decades to come.



Good Luck and #keepmoving


The beast crawl leg pull exercise allows you to use your psoas correctly and protect your low back in the process

Psoas Awareness

The Psoas is one of the most important low back muscles.  So, awareness of the psoas, or hip flexor, liberates many patients from mild to severe low back pain.


A healthy psoas allows for incredible range of motion and capability.  A tight and weak psoas afflicts the body with extreme limitation.  Therefore,


The Beast Crawl Leg Pull helps us understand where the psoas lives, what it does, and how effective they are at using it.



Good Luck and #keepmoving
The beast crawl knee raise is a great way to activate your core and build strength

Core Strength

We all know that good core strength leads to a more resilient body.

But, what exercises should be performed to develop core strength and how they should be done are often overlooked.
The Beast Crawl Knee Raise is an exercise that helps create spinal awareness, supportive diaphragm breathing, and solid core strength.
Good Luck and #keepmoving
Diaphram breathing in the beast crawl is critical to reducing spinal pain and achieving great posture

Diaphragm Breathing

Until we learn the complex and often misunderstood task of diaphragm breathing, we struggle.

By understanding and dominating these complexities, we create stability and calm throughout our spine.  And that reduces strain, stress, shear, and strain.  All good things!
The Diaphragm Breathing Exercise done in the Beast Crawl position helps us conquer not only seated posture, but also the squatting mechanic.

Good Luck and #keepmoving