Quad mashing reduces tension and pain at the knee and low back

Reverse the Knee Pain Curse

Sitting is a Curse that causes low back and knee pain.

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints in any office.  It is the middle joint; the forgotten child between the ankle and hip.  Because of this, the knee is forced to do many things for which it is not designed.  Add technological posture to the mix and knee and low back disaster are the result.

Fortunately, we can fight back.  The quad mash is an excellent exercise to restore length to the quads and undo chronic seated posture.

Is it intense?  Yes, it can be very intense, but it is worth it in terms of producing better balance to the system and opportunity for health.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


The PVC behind the neck overhead press restores posture and ideal mechanics, acting to reduce neck pain and shoulder damage.

Overhead Raise the Roof

Pressing Overhead Expresses Full Range of Motion in the Spine and Shoulders.

Every time we celebrate by throwing our hands overhead we should be expressing full range of motion through the spine and shoulders.  Unfortunately, many will just pinch the rotator cuff and compress the shoulder joints.  No fun!

This exercise takes the range of motion recently developed in the thoracic spine extension roll and the pec stretch and puts it into an important part of our life: OVERHEAD CELEBRATION!

But, it doesn’t end there.  Having this capability allows us to safely venture into overhead squats, squat snatch, power snatch, split jerks, and all of our kipping variations of gymnastics.  So, it helps us progress safely through a lot of our intended capabilities.

Work hard, but be patient with slow and steady progress.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


The straight arm pec stretch gets your head in the clouds and frees up range of motion to the shoulders.

Get Your Head Position in the Clouds!

Head position will dictate success or failure with neck and shoulder issues.

Not too many of us remember being told to, “keep your head in the clouds.”  Not at all.  On the contrary, it was usually something much different.  Occasionally, head position was discussed in relation to another, not so pleasant, location/body segment.

Well, good news folks.  I am telling you to get your head in the clouds and keep it there more often than not!

The truth is that we need to keep our head position up, but more importantly our sternum lifted to force us into such a position.  By doing this we avoid slouched posture and rolled shoulders and ensure neutral posture.  This helps us avoid premature degeneration, not to mention full breathing and movement capability.  In other words, it helps us live better as opposed to being prevented from just doing okay.

So remember, keep your head in the clouds!  This exercise will help.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


Slouching will lead to many problems, the thoracic spine extension roll will undo slouching and restore postural health

Slouching Sucks

Extend the spine after chronic sitting and slouching

When we sit, we slouch.  Slouching is the beginning of a long list of not-so-fun things.  Disc damage, degeneration, shoulder tears, and pinched nerves are just a few of the things that await us in “Slouch-ville.”

Well then, it’s important for us to stay out of that town or to rid our system of its filth!  The thoracic spine extension roll with a chest opening focus is just the ticket.  Use it to keep you upright, reduce your risk for injury, and to simply look better!

Good Luck and #keepmoving