Low back pain occurs from too much spinal movement and not enough hip movement

Low Back Strength & Stability

If you don’t use your low back… You Can’t Hurt It!

Yesterday was all about decreasing inflammation, pain, and compression.  All good things.  But today will be focused on strength and stability.

We can either use our strong and powerful hip joint to do heavy movements, or we can use our delicate and intricate spinal joints.  Hopefully, you pick up the hint and realize that the hip is the way to go.

Our hip joints are convenient ball and sockets surrounded by powerful and robust musculature, bio-mechanically designed for lifting and leveraging large objects.  On the contrary, our spine is made up of numerous small joints designed to provide elegant and adaptive movements.  Not only that, the spine protects the “main wiring” our “super computer” known as the spinal cord.  So, our hip is made for powerful movement during work.   And our spine is made for adaptive movements while protecting something very important.

Unfortunately, chronic sitting will decrease hip range of motion and power.  Not only that, it puts much stress on the low back muscles, joints and ligaments.  These two exercises restore the intended purpose of all these joints and provide strength and stability to a once vulnerable area.

Good Luck and #keepmoving,