The anterior hip stretch restores pelvic tilt after long periods of sitting

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt will either make or break the system regarding pain and degeneration.

So it is crucial that we understand pelvic tilt and control it for our benefit.  Doing so ensures balance and stability in not only the low back but throughout the spine.

This video highlights how to generate pelvic tilt in the standing posture.  Use it to restore posture after hours of sitting at a desk.  It will make standing so much easier.

Good Luck and #keepmoving


Longer glutes means stronger hips and more protection to the low back and knees

How’s Your Glutes?

The glutes are a major muscle group.  They power the lower extremity and connect the lower body to the core.   Because of this, they represent the most powerful and important muscle group in the body.


Sure, there are other important muscle groups, but nothing unleashes as much power and protection as the glutes.  However, if they are tight and inactive, the system becomes extremely vulnerable.


This stretch helps lengthen the glutes.  Doing so provides for more efficient usage and protection to the knees and low back.


Good luck and #keepmoving