The pvc pass through help restore range of motion to heal and protect the rotator cuff

Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator Cuff Tears and Shoulder Pain arise from a lack of range of motion throughout the “Shoulder Complex”.


Achieving full range of motion throughout the shoulder complex reduces stress and strain, protecting the rotator cuff from tears while eliminating shoulder pain.


The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that produce fine-tuned stability and balance at the shoulder joint.  It is easy to get very detailed because the shoulder is an amazing complex of parts and movement.  This post simply states that the rotator cuff works to keep the shoulder IN THE MIDDLE of the joint.


The shoulder is complex and capable of a large range of motion.  Because of this, it is easily damaged.  This damage occurs due to the shoulder joint being pulled from THE MIDDLE position.  So, keeping the shoulder in THE MIDDLE is GOOD.  Allowing the shoulder to GRIND AWAY FROM THE MIDDLE is BAD.


The pvc pass through exercise works in two ways.  First, it identifies where range of motion is lacking.  Second, it provides a mechanism to safely build full range of motion over time. 


Health & Performance Center treats shoulder rotator cuff tears by treating the tissue and the system.  Graston Technique and other soft tissue treatments increase blood flow and the healing response.  The rehab exercises restore full range of motion, providing stability and longevity of results.


The shoulder is designed to be strong and stable, yet flexible and adaptable.  This dichotomy leaves it vulnerable in comparison to other joints.  However, achieving a strong, healthy, and fully capable shoulder is possible.  In fact, it is critical.  A great shoulder complex leads to a slower degenerative process to all the arm and neck joints.


Mastering the rotator cuff, healing tears, and eliminating shoulder pain is difficult.  But, it is one worth it.  We guide you through the process.


Good Luck and #keepmoving

The subscapularis, or arm pit, mash is a great way to restore mechanics and reduce shoulder pain and inflammation

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain isn’t always because of damaged tissue.

Inflammation is more often the cause of shoulder pain. And because it can be tricky, its cause generally hides in the deep.

Shoulder Pain that is pinpoint, arising from a very specific accident, is generally due to tissue damage. However, the majority of shoulder pain patients come in with general pain, no specific accident, and in a state of confusion regarding the cause. Inflammation is the culprit.

Inflammation is a silent killer. It builds slowly over time and, without warning, knocks us down over a seemly inconsequential actions. Reaching for the coffee pot, putting on a coat, and reaching for a purse are all simple actions that end with devastating shoulder pain. And it can be very confusing.

This is not the first post about shoulder pain and many of you have probably tried other treatments or even gone to physical therapy. The unfortunate truth is that many of you have had limited to no resolution. Hopefully that can change.

The subscapularis or arm pit mash is an exercise that unmasks the cause of inflammation at the shoulder. Releasing tension in the subscapularis with this exercise restores mechanics to the shoulder and reduces pain. Many times the improvements are fast and dramatic.

Why do so few know about this exercise? Simple, it isn’t very much fun.

The only way to attack the subscapularis is through the arm pit. That’s right, sliding a pvc pipe (with a cap on the end) along the rib cage and then into the depths of the arm pit. Eventually the end cap will contact and compress the front of the shoulder blade which is the hiding place of the subscapularis.

Confirmation of subscapular isolation occurs when you begin to sweat lightly and feel moderate nausea. Honestly folks, this guy has been hidden for years and the discomfort is real. Yet, when you finish your restoration work the pain either reduces or can be eliminated entirely.

Good Luck and #keepmoving