CrossFit Open 20.3 – Strategy and Recovery

Make sure this seasons repeat is a success, both in score and recovery

Repeat workouts are bittersweet.  We know exactly what to expect and that can bring comfort.  However, the comfort in understanding the discomfort to come is minimal.
This post discusses some strategic changes that yielded the following:
  • 35 second improvement in tie-break
  • 2 more reps at 315 after finishing the handstand walk (unthinkable in 2018)
  • Quick and easy recovery

Overall concept:
  • Pace the deadlift with quick blocks of work and short sets of rest to avoid “time under tension” and maintain your ability to work at the second weight
  • Press the pushup variation as hard as you can to leave time for chipping away at the deadlift
  • Prepare your body to easily meet the standard (hspu)
If you are effective with these strategic concepts you will reduce tissue damage and have an easier time recovering your central nervous system and posterior chain.  However, you will still need to focus 2 areas in the coming days
  • lumbar spine erectors – general blood flow
  • psoas/hip flexor to restore full extension of the hip to protect the low back
Over half way people.  #keepmoving


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