Mashing – Chest (Pecs)

Computers And Smart Phones Force Us Into Slouched Postures and Rounded Shoulders, Shortening the Chest (Pecs) And Constantly Straining the Neck and Shoulders

The Pec Mash restores blood flow to the pecs and allows for lengthening to restore posture and protection to the spine and arms.

Survive or Thrive

Colleen’s Quote challenges us to change from SURVIVING habits to THRIVING habits.

Life can be difficult. Sometimes survival is the only option… said the working parent, the working person, and just the person. All in unison with equal points of inflection!

Don’t get us wrong here, we know things can be hard. However, it is always important to evaluate life. Find strengths and weaknesses. Build upon strengths, dominate weaknesses, and transition towards the self-sustaining, thriving life.

This vlog discusses how we strive to help you achieve this at Health & Performance Center. Making Colleen’s quote a reality is not only critical for our physical well-being, but our emotional well-being and beyond.

Enjoy the video and keep grinding away at the transition from surviving to thriving.

Good Luck and #keepmoving