Chair Power 4.0

Tight Quads from Chronic Sitting Compress the Spine and De-activate the Glute-Hamstring Complex.

The Quad Stretch Restores Hip and Spine Balance to Alleviate Pain and Problems from Chronic Sitting.

The effects of chronic sitting can be explained through a process called

Reciprocal Inhibition
When tightness in one muscle [your hip flexors, in this case] creates length in the muscle on the opposite side of the joint [your glutes]

If this occurs for too long, the process that tells the lengthened muscle to activate—specifically, the neurons that fire and signal the muscle fibers to contract—is compromised. In other words, when your hip flexors ​get super tight, your gluteal muscles become lengthened and desensitized, and won’t activate/generate power when you try to engage them.

Unleash the power of the chair with the Quad Stretch and restore balance in your muscles, hips and spine to alleviate pain and problems associated with chronic sitting.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

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