Glute-Hamstring Power

Weak Glute-Hamstring Complex creates Pain and Degeneration in the Low Back and Knees.

The Glute-Ham Bridge works to Restore Strength and Protect the Low Back and Knees.

Prolonged sitting, especially with poor posture habits, can restrict blood flow throughout your entire system which can promote the weakening or deactivation of the hips and glutes—essentially decreasing your body’s ability to use your incredibly powerful gluteus muscles when they’re needed.

The Glute-Hamstring Bridge will activate the glutes and hamstrings to fight against the body’s tendency to shut down while in a prolonged slouched/curved position.

If you’re unable to perform this exercise on the ground, unleash the power of the chair as an alternative. To reactivate those muscles, you can slide to the front part of a chair, squeeze glutes and hamstrings and push your heels into the ground.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving

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