Chair Power 3.0

Chronic Hip and Spinal Flexion from sitting Compress and Inflame the Low Back.

The Anterior Hip Stretch restores the Hips and Spine to Balance and helps Resolve Low Back Pain.

We have all come under extra workload and general life stress where remembering to maintain good posture or workplace ergonomics can be the last thing on our mind.

Over time, this pattern of returning to the inevitable slouched position of least resistance can increase your risk of chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries—all of which impact long-term health and productivity.

The chair is not always evil—we can use it to re-calibrate our system and help resolve low back pain by restoring balance in the hips and spine.

Unleash the power of the chair with the Anterior Hip Stretch. This exercise will activate the glutes and hamstrings and stretch the front part of the hip to undo that slouched posture.

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