Chair Power 2.0

Sitting will Weaken Glutes and Tug on the Spine.

The Posterior Hip Stretch will activate the Glutes and Core as well as Straighten your Spine.

The way you are sitting can have a transformative impact on your day. Stop for a moment. Notice how you are sitting right now. Is your back curved? Shoulders rounding? How about your legs… are your knees buckled inward?

Nonetheless, our posture has a huge impact on our health, success, and overall happiness. But we’re NOT powerless.

We can unleash the power of the chair just through some observation and effort.

Begin with the Seated Worship position and add rotations to create balance through the spine and hips and restore decompression in the low back.

Always stuck in meetings/conference rooms? The Posterior Hip Stretch is a different position that generates external hip rotation. Intensify this position by adding rotations.

Do Something Different
Unleash the Power of the Chair

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