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Contraction-Relaxation Cycling with Diaphragmatic Breathing is a hyperloop for the Brain to Body Connection

Mashing and Flossing are important, but contraction-relaxation cycling with Diaphragmatic Breathing is where things really accelerate. Not only is the tissue modified directly to a high degree, but the very neurological fibers that control tissue length and tension are addressed and corrected!

What’s Working – Episode #1

Mr. Chris discovered that not only did our system resolve his low back pain, but it also dramatically improved another problem area.

Downhill mountain bike racing can be pretty extreme regarding adrenaline and wear and tear to the body.  After a history of bad falls, Chris was riddled with problems throughout his system but specifically in his low back and left hip.
HPC’s systematic approach to dealing with the underlying causes of patient problems lead not only to resolution of his low back pain, but also dramatic improvement in his neck discomfort and lack of range of motion; something he didn’t realize could be fixed.
We did not achieve this all on our own.  Chris put in the hard work necessary with his compliance to treatment and at-home exercises.  We are very proud of his commitment and glad to tell his story in this the first episode of “What’s Working.”
Enjoy the video:

Good Luck and #keepmoving