Neck Pain

This week we want to focus on the MASH – MOBILIZE – MOVE philosophy that we work a lot with in clinic to help people get through certain issues. For issues in the neck—when things are kind of lodged at its base, there are a few strategies that we use that anyone, anywhere, can use so long as they have just a few mobility tools.

The first component is a ball—a tennis ball, a lacrosse ball—if you’ve done a lot of work, something a bit more firm will work best. Begin by putting the ball in the area where you have discomfort—BREATHE. You don’t want to roll on top of the ball, as that will be too intense. Instead, pin down on a tinder area and move through different ranges of motion.

It’s time to stretch and reposition your body into a healing scenario. Grab a foam roller and get in the simple thoracic spine roll position (roller under upper back) to butterfly motion. This helps to stretch everything out. When you’re damaged, your body wants to fall into bad postures that aren’t conducive to healing and we must take charge of the healing process and push things in the right direction.

To help rebuild how you get into the bottom position of a press and extend our spine as well as elongate your arms and shoulders, include the following into your routine.
Push-Up Position • Downward Dog • Transition to Plank • Upward Dog
There are many movements through which a FLOW or a PUSH-UP PATTERN can help to build strength, stability and repositioning anytime you have a neck tweak.

What Dr. J has found with personal experience and through clinical application, is that what takes some people weeks to months to get over, could be much better within a week—it’s even possible to get through this in 2 or 3 days.

You Are Not Powerless — You Can Work With The Tools We’ve Given You

00:00 – HEALTH IN A HEARTBEAT – HPC Core Connection – Neck Pain
00:07 – MASH-MOBILIZE-MOVE Philosophy
00:40 – Dr. J Demonstrates MASH technique
01:35 – Dr. J Demonstrates MOBILIZATION Technique w/ Foam Roller
02:33 – Dr. J Demonstrates & Discusses the Importance of Flow & Push-Up Movement Patterns
03:27 – We Give You The Tools To Improve
03:48 – MASH-MOBILIZE-MOVE & as always, KEEP MOVIN’