Hamstring MASH

We talked about hamstrings with the Hing—Flexion—Hinge and how important it is to have long hamstrings.

Well…some of us don’t.

If that’s the case, then the Hamstring MASH is something great to add.

Although we see Dr. Jared working closer to the hip, working the middle potion (closer to the knee) is just as important.

Not only that, but this is a BIG tissue, so don’t neglect the outside and inside portions of the hamstrings.

There will be multiple points of offloading and balancing, so make sure you’re in a scenario where you’re not overwhelming tissues and you feel comfortable.

This is a one-minute video, but you can easily spend 3-4 minutes on each hamstring to loosen things up from the IT band to the groin.


00:00 – HEALTH IN A HEARTBEAT – Hamstring MASH
00:05 – Importance of Hamstrings
00:20 – Dr. J Demonstrates & Explains Hamstring MASH
01:02 – Treatment, Education & Awareness

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