Dr. J’s favorite exercise—The Hinge-Flexion-Hinge—does so many things in one simple drill. It is a core awareness drill, hamstring drill, a full posterior-chain stretch, and a test for highly repetitive daily tasks.

Long story short…can you touch your toes safely?

Let’s Take a Closer Look

With proper posture, hinge at the hips to enter a hamstring stretch. Ensure that you are creating a flat line with your back before going into a forward fold—your low back should maintain roughly the same angle throughout the hinged position. This stretch will be maximized through the hamstrings, while the lumbar spine stays quiet. You should also focus on getting a lot of “roll” through the mid back and shoulders as you move into a full flexed position.

As this piece of advice is critical to optimal mechanics in any movement
To return to the hinged position with a flat spine before standing up

| 00:00 – HEALTH IN A HEARTBEAT – Hinge Flexion Hinge |

| 00:05 – Dr. J describes why this is his favorite exercise |

| 00:28 – Dr. J breaks down each component |

| 00:34 – 1 – Hamstring stretch & flat spine |

| 00:38 – 2 – Forward fold |

| 01:00 – 3 – Importance of returning to hinged position w/ flat back |

| 01:07 – Treatment, Education & Awareness |